The world in which we live is ever changing and becoming increasingly smaller. The children of today will attend school and eventually work with people from various backgrounds, races, religions, family structures, and physical abilities. By exposing our students to foreign language instruction, it allows the students to become engrossed in cultural differences thereby gaining an appreciation for others. In addition, research has shown that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, while improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Children proficient in secondary languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. At Fia Mia Academy, our students in the toddler classroom and beyond are exposed to vocabulary, letters, colors, numbers and greetings, etc. as they are immersed in the Spanish language and cultures.


Visual arts explorations have numerous benefits for even the youngest children. Through the process of creating, students enhance their communication, problem-solving, social-emotional and fine motor skills. They build neurons as they strengthen their self expression and creativity. At Fia Mia Academy, the emphasis is on the process of creating works of art, rather than the product. This allows children to focus on the experience and exploration of techniques, authentic art materials, and tools. The children communicate using a variety of their hundred languages as they produce unique masterpieces in a calm, relaxing environment filled with inspiration.

Creative Dance & Movement

Creative Dance and Movement are creative outlets that provide students with numerous benefits. Through the participation in these coordinated movements, students build their body control, spatial awareness, balance and strength. As students collaborate with their peers while entertaining and offering movement suggestions, they enrich their cooperation abilities and self-confidence. Each class builds on the students’ previous knowledge and skill base. Creative dance and movement promotes imagination, while laying a foundation for dance techniques in a fun and engaging way.


Music provides children with numerous benefits toward their growth and development. It improves cognitive functioning, language and vocabulary. It strengthens auditory perception, which is a precursor to reading through the identification of distinguishable sounds. Memory and self-expression thrive through musical repetition and creativity. In class, the students are exposed to the foundations of music including sound (overtone, timbre, pitch, amplitude, duration), melody, harmony, rhythm, structure, and expression (dynamics, tempo, articulation). Students engage with music and instruments from around the world and share their vocal abilities through songs in various languages.

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