Nido “The Nest” (Ages 6 weeks - 14 Months)

Infants explore and learn through their five senses to begin making sense of their surroundings. Our Nido teachers encourage student curiosity by providing a variety of developmentally appropriate, enriching activities and new opportunities. The staff uses eye contact, hugs, and other nurturing behaviors to develop a sense of trust in the children and help them improve their abilities to communicate and develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Children will participate in projects involving sensory explorations. Both the classroom and Discovery Play Garden areas are designed for active play and exploration to help develop large motor skills.

River (14 Months - 24 Months)

It is no secret that toddlers are constantly on the go, exploring the world around them. They are just beginning to develop a sense of self, which is an integral part of their social-emotional development. As they learn more about themselves, build confidence, and begin to complete tasks on their own, their self-concept grows. The teachers at Fia Mia Academy assist in guiding the children on their journey of self-discovery through a safe, nurturing environment. Students are encouraged to try new things, expand their language skills, and begin exploring independence through budding self-help skills. They delight in the wonders around them with a variety of age-appropriate toys and manipulatives. Teachers lead the children in stories, songs and positive guidance. The students will engage in project explorations based on their interest and the teacher observations.

Prairie (Ages 2 Years - 3 Years)

As a child approaches age two, their imagination and curiosity give them great energy and creative potential. Our teachers recognize the need for frequent opportunities to develop and express these capacities. The Prairie classroom and its teachers provide a plethora of hands-on learning experiences. Materials for art, music, dance, math, literacy, science, and dramatic play enable children to enjoy the process of creating their own ideas and solving their own problems. The students will engage in project explorations based on their interest and the teacher observations. Our teachers provide learning opportunities to help children develop self-control by using positive guidance techniques such as modeling, redirecting, setting clear limits, and rewarding acceptable behavior.

Woodlands (Ages 3 Years - 4 Years)

These young learners are seeking new challenges. With our Reggio Emilia approach and Project-Based Learning children are exposed to literacy, music, art, math, science and real-life experiences through playful project work, facilitating curiosity, investigation and discovery while building self-confidence and further increasing their independence. Opportunities to practice self-help skills are encouraged. Outdoor and indoor play is provided daily to exercise large muscles.

Lakeview (Kindergarten Bridge - Ages 4 Years - 5 Years; Kindergarten - Age 5 by September 1st)

Our young learners continue their journey of exploration and discovery through learning experiences and provocations created based on the emerging children’s interests, questions, and ideas. The Reggio Emilia approach coupled with Project-Based Learning stimulates all areas of development: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual, providing numerous opportunities for discussions, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The Lakeview class embarks on in-depth explorations and an annual entrepreneurial project with proceeds supporting a philanthropic venture. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of individual differences in ability and interest. Opportunities to learn and enrich each student’s leadership qualities and character are afforded to each child daily.

The Fia Mia Kindergarten Bridge program is offered to students by invitation only. In order to ensure the maximum academic advantage, Kindergarten Bridge requires a two-year educational commitment in conjunction with the Fia Mia Private Kindergarten program. Students invited to Kindergarten Bridge have demonstrated developmental readiness for academically advanced challenges, a faster pace, or have a birthday close to the September 1st Kindergarten cutoff date. In addition, Kindergarten Bridge students must be enrolled full-time, five days per week.

Outdoor Classroom

We uphold the belief that anything that can be accomplished indoors, can be accomplished outdoors. Our outdoor classroom inspires interaction with nature, as the students are surrounded by the essence of the natural world and learning. Research has shown that outdoor learning can have tremendous benefits on student’s mental health and academic performance. When surrounded by nature, students are often calmer and better able to focus. Teachers often see better student behavior and social interactions with fewer disciplinary issues. As students engage regularly with nature to gain an understanding of the importance of their role and responsibility in maintaining the natural world for future generations to come.

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