About Fia Mia Academy

Fia Mia Academy is an Elmhurst family owned and operated Reggio Emilia Inspired Preschool. Our commitment to excellence in early childhood education is rooted in the belief that children are capable, wonderous people. A strong foundation is imperative for future success, and it is our goal to guide your child as they recognize their endless potential.

Our Philosophy

The developing minds of young children, specifically ages birth through eight, are constantly and consistently developing at staggering rates. Studies have shown that the early cognitive development of even the youngest children allows for active, insightful, competent explorations of the world in which they are surrounded. From infancy, children derive implicit theories to explain the actions of objects and the behavior of people; these theories form the foundation for causal learning and more sophisticated understanding of the physical and social worlds. Children are not simply passive observers, registering the superficial appearance of things. Rather, they are building explanatory systems—implicit theories—that organize their knowledge (Committee on the Science of Children Birth to Age 8: Deepening and Broadening the Foundation for Success, 2015)

Fia Mia Academy approaches educating young people through a multifaceted approach with the understanding that children are capable of co-constructing their own knowledge. We believe that collaboration amongst the teacher, student and families are the basis for a strong educational foundation. By providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, students are afforded the opportunity to thrive educationally, emotionally, and socially. Providing responsive interactions, emotional support and teaching as well as modeling the key elements of positive character traits serves as an essential prerequisite for creating an environment in which the children can benefit from learning opportunities.

We believe that a classroom community should be a place of wonder. By offering the students a safe environment that is sensitive to their health and nutritional needs, with an abundance of learning explorations, rich vocabulary, child-directed language, and high expectations, the students will know that we view them as competent, successful learners with endless potential. Our goal is to inspire a generation of upstanding, lifelong learners.

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